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Each round presents you with a classic Hangman Puzzle. Your goal is to guess the underlying word or phrase, one letter at a time! Each turn you have four options.

  • Spin: You'll spin a spinner and guess a consonant to earn points. The spinner "heats up" with each correct guess and the only way to cool it down is to end your turn.
  • Vowel: If you have the points to spare, you can purchase a vowel to help you solve the puzzle.
  • Solve: If you think you've solved the puzzle, announce the answer for a quick reward!
  • Pass: If the spinner is too hot, and don't have the solution for the solve, you can always just pass your turn to cool off.

There's also other fun stuff like bonuses that award you under special conditions like multiplying the reward for solving the puzzle!


Create custom puzzles for your favorite fandom, make in-joke puzzles for your friend group, or contribute to the Base Game (which is itself a mod!), the sky is the limit!

Download mods here!

To install a mod, put the `.hmm` file in the `Mods` directory next to the application.

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