Version 1.2

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The game has been updated with lots of new QoL, UI, and Gameplay changes. Also! I'm including 2 mods for download separately on the itch page. One of which contains a bunch of puzzles from Wheel of Fortune (thanks to the Buy a Vowel Boards for archiving every single WoF puzzle). They don't perfectly fit into Hangman Forever's style. But if you're hungry for more puzzles, here's several thousand more!

Full Changes

Here are the changes divided up into categories. Some will have little numbers in square brackets [like this] to indicate footnotes about them below.


  • Added Download link for Wheel of Fortune Mod (includes seasons 32-33)
  • Added Download link for Game Grumps Mod

Modding Changes:

  • Puzzles can be up to 54 characters (used to be 39!)

Quality of Life Changes:

  • You can now use the keyboard input for entering name and choosing letters [1]
  • You can now specify the game length, 1 round, 3 rounds or 5 rounds.
  • You can now specify the timer length: 60 seconds, 120 seconds, or off

UI Changes:

  • There's a snazzy new animated background!
  • The current player's name is displayed more clearly [2]
  • The current round number is displayed at the top of the screen
  • There is now a proper Pause Menu [3]
  • Your Risk Level is displayed on your player card [4]
  • The spinner slots are no longer scrambled, instead they're presented in ascending order [5]

Gameplay changes:

  • If you have zero points and there are consonants left in the puzzle (usually happens on turn one) you are forced into the Spin phase
  • New bonus slot added: Free Turn
  • The Risk Level of the spinner no longer resets at the end of your turn, instead it decrements


[1] This makes solving the puzzle and typing in your name significantly less painful. My philosophy when developing v1 of the game was get everything "good enough" and sometimes that mean "technically usable." Polling for keyboard input is harder than it sounds, especially with other engine constraints but the short version is: It's supported now! And it'll be easier for me to support in future projects using this engine.

[2] I've done a few in-person playtests and players have been confused about whose turn it is. Hopefully the new UI changes should mitigate that.

[3] Previously the pause menu would just freeze the game and say "PAUSED." Now it's an actual menu with UI and stuff! You can now exit the game to the main menu from the pause menu.

[4] Since Risk Level (aka the Spinner's "Heat") is carried over between turns, you can now see it at a glance by just looking at the player cards along the bottom of the screen.

[5] The positions of each slot really doesn't matter for gameplay. Ordering them makes it more visually clear how much of the spinner is "in danger". It does lose the suspense of just barely missing a "Lose All" slot... I might revisit this decision.


I've added a special mods page you can find here!


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