Quality of Life fixes


I learned in playtests that it wasn't clear to people that there is a maximum length for a custom puzzle (38 characters). The limit comes from what will fit comfortably on-screen. I can look into reducing the limit, but 38 feels about right to me. The mod menu now tells you if any of your puzzles are invalid (ie: too long). You can still load the puzzles, but this way you get an early warning that your puzzle might not render ideally.

Here's the full change log:

  • Mod Loader changes described above
  • Running out of time while entering a "Solve" solution no longer lands you in a buggy state
  • You can now see how many puzzles total are available in all loaded mods
  • There is now a cheat hotkey to skip a puzzle (CTRL+SHIFT+TAB). Useful if you're in a broken state but don't want to restart the game.
  • You can now turn off the timer all together in the settings.
  • Solve 2X got buffed! It's now multiplicative instead of additive. So getting 2 solve 2X's means solves are now worth 4X instead of 3X.
  • Half-Bonus is explained better in-game.


Windows 49 MB
Version 8 Oct 10, 2022

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