A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You start as a little seed who must grow into a beautiful plant.

Your goal is not just to keep the plant alive, but also to make it flower and flourish. Lay down roots to collect water, you can use that water to raise up your stem and collect energy. You gain more energy in sunlight and gain more water in water patches. As your energy and water production and capacity increase, you'll be able to produce flowers and even one day a fruit to produce a seed of your own.


- Click on a piece of the plant to select an upgrade.

- Use the scroll wheel or left click to pan the camera up and down

Programmed By: NotExplosive

Music By: Ryan Yoshikami

Install instructions


Download the zip, extract, run

Windowsn't (MacOS / Linux)

Unfortunately I cannot build a mac version of this game since I don't have a mac. But! You can still play it with a little bit of extra work on your part (sorry!)

You'll first need to install LOVE2D at http://love2d.org/ , should be pretty quick and painless.

Download the .love file (labelled as mac/linux friendly below)

Double click to run and that should "just work"


Windows - Post Jam 14 MB
Cross Platform (Requires Love2d) - Post Jam 10 MB
Windows - Jam Build (older) 10 MB
Cross Platform (Requires Love2d) - Jam Build (older) 6 MB

Development log


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This is a pretty fun game to sit down and play for a half-hour or so! That said, I was growing my ridiculous-looking tree (I grew a zillion branches off of the same area) and I grew a new root, and it crashed. Here's the error message:


roots/buttons.lua:157: attempt to index a nil value


roots/buttons.lua:157: in function <roots/buttons.lua:146>
nx/game/actor.lua:256: in function 'callForAllComponents'
nx/game/actor.lua:211: in function 'onMousePress'
nx/game/scene.lua:336: in function 'onMousePress'
nx/scene-layers.lua:28: in function 'onMousePress'
nx/input.lua:8: in function <nx/input.lua:6>
[C]: in function 'xpcall'

Not sure why that happened but it was going well before that.


Thanks! I'll look into that

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you need to specify the LÖVE version to use and put a link to it. LÖVE's API break a lot. Good game.

It's specified in the conf.lua, I thought that would be enough. Thanks for the tip though!

I forgot to mention, great game!

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Thanks for playing!


Nice relaxing game.


I made a silly lil' video covering this game!

Awesome work!


I really enjoyed playing it


Really cute and immersive game! It was a lot of fun.


this is awesome and you know it. Shared it with my friend who plants a lot and she loves it as well!


Thank you for the kind words and thank you for sharing it!


Man, this is really cool.

Great job!