UI Improvements, better camera controls

I'm back!!

Ordinarily I'd make an update video but honestly they take so much time to make and there's really not that much exciting info to report. The UI is much better now and some graphics were improved... that's about it. I'm not making any dramatic gameplay changes (yet!) because I'm waiting until after Seattle Indies Expo before I start making gameplay changes.

Which brings me to my next point. I'll be presenting this game at Seattle Indies Expo!! I submitted this game forever ago (and in that time I went and made another game, classic me), and I recently heard back that I got in! The jurors also gave me a lot of great feedback to work with to make the game even better. Many of them were ideas I already had but hearing it from someone else helped get me motivated to actually go and do the things. So I did some of the things, and more things will be done soon.

Here's the detailed patch notes:

Version 1.1
+ Volume slider
+ Improved button UI
+ Improved keybindings
+ Replaced the font (still used sparingly)
+ Moving the camera is now done with a click and drag instead of the scroll wheel -> you can now pan left and right!
+ You can now zoom in and out at will with the mouse wheel
+ Added clouds and ground texture, both are generated on start so yours will be unique
+ Animations are slightly tweaked

See you in a few weeks!



Latest - Windows 14 MB
Version 1.1 Aug 30, 2020
Latest - Cross Platform (Requires LOVE2D) 10 MB
Version 1.1 Aug 30, 2020

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