New: EXP, Campaign, Boss fight

+ You can now see two gems ahead of your current board

+ You now gain EXP for killing monsters, EXP gets you more action points

+ You can now press space to end your turn

+ Campaign mode has been added

+ You can use the mouse to move

+ Chests now vanish when combat is over

+ You now automatically take a step into a room

+ Enemies will take the first turn

+ New tile type: Stairs! Similar to doors except they take you to a whole new area

+ Added a boss fight

- The match3 board is now slightly smaller

- You start out with fewer action points

* All buttons now all have a consistent look and feel

* The match3 board is now refreshed at the start of your next turn, rather than the end of your current turn. It will never have errant matches.

* Adjustments to gem rarity

* Gem randomization is totally revamped

- bug: Sometimes you can start out with natural matches, even more rarely you can get a natural match on your board, but it won't execute


Three in a Rogue (Windows) 9 MB
Version 2.2 Aug 08, 2020
Three in a Rogue (Cross Platform, requires Love2d) 6 MB
Version 2.2 Aug 08, 2020

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