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A block-pushing western where you play as four characters. Their destinies entwined, they head towards the town of Tarnation. Each character has a unique set of abilities, but must traverse the same areas. Solve puzzles and meet a cast of goofy folks in the old west.

There's also a Knight (like, the guy from Chess).

Made for Global Game Jam 2022 at the (virtual) PIGSquad site.


  • WASD / Arrow Keys to move
  • SPACE / Z to use your ability
  • R to restart room
  • CTRL + R to restart whole chapter (only use if you get softlocked!)
  • "Pbageby Fuvsg C" to skip to the next chapter (translate with rot13)


By NotExplosive and andrfw

Special Thanks to Ryan Yoshikami and Sidequesters.


Post-Jam Edition (Better) 71 MB
Version 5 Feb 17, 2022
Jam Edition 63 MB

Development log


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this deserves far more attention.
what a clever, fun, cute little thing.