Bug fixes, text coloring, puzzle tweaks, and fluff

I've deployed a few patches to the game but here's an update to describe all of them so far:

  • Steven and Bennigan now play a sound effect when you press Z or Space, to help emphasize that they don't have an action command.
  • Bennigan makes a different sound when he fails to move
  • Added Text Formatting! Certain words show up in different colors to emphasize their importance, like DUEL. (itch doesn't have text formatting so I can't demonstrate here, oops)
  • Tweaked a few puzzles, in particular Ernesto's puzzle in the Oasis is a little bit nicer (gives you head room so you don't need to restart the room if you moved after unlocking the yellow door), Ernesto's puzzle in the mines is a little bit meaner (you can't cheat the first half of the puzzle).


Post-Jam Edition (Better) 71 MB
Version 5 Feb 17, 2022

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