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Post-Jam Version Now Available

The post-jam version of this game was a result of slight modifications over the weeks that followed Global Game Jam. Including changes such as:

  • Tutorial rewording/phrasing
  • Audio improvements, including sound effects and music
  • Added MISSILE module
  • Better enemy AI
  • UI improvements
  • Nicer reboot animation

You can download the post-jam version of the game below for windows (.zip) and cross platform (.love).

About the game

Ship It! is a mouse-only space combat UI management sim.

You control your ship with a collection of modules, whenever your ship takes damage a module gets disabled and needs to be repaired. Both using and repairing modules costs energy, so you'll need to juggle maintenance and maneuvering while making sure you don't run out of battery. 

Good luck Shipping It!

Install instructions


Download zip and extract and run


Download love2d at http://love2d.org and then download the .love file and double click.


ship-it-v1.zip 4 MB
ship-it.love 1 MB
ship-it-post-jam.love 4 MB
ship-it-post-jam.zip 7 MB

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