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What a neat game! It's really interesting how a good strategy for laying out leaves naturally ends up with flowy tree-shapes.

I like this game, really fun and relaxing.

Wow quite an usual plant. Very nice!

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Hey there, do you develop in Unity? really nice game

Hi, no I didn't make this in Unity, I made it in Löve2d

This is a pretty fun game to sit down and play for a half-hour or so! That said, I was growing my ridiculous-looking tree (I grew a zillion branches off of the same area) and I grew a new root, and it crashed. Here's the error message:


roots/buttons.lua:157: attempt to index a nil value


roots/buttons.lua:157: in function <roots/buttons.lua:146>
nx/game/actor.lua:256: in function 'callForAllComponents'
nx/game/actor.lua:211: in function 'onMousePress'
nx/game/scene.lua:336: in function 'onMousePress'
nx/scene-layers.lua:28: in function 'onMousePress'
nx/input.lua:8: in function <nx/input.lua:6>
[C]: in function 'xpcall'

Not sure why that happened but it was going well before that.


Thanks! I'll look into that

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you need to specify the LÖVE version to use and put a link to it. LÖVE's API break a lot. Good game.

It's specified in the conf.lua, I thought that would be enough. Thanks for the tip though!

I forgot to mention, great game!

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Thanks for playing!


Nice relaxing game.


I made a silly lil' video covering this game!

Awesome work!


I really enjoyed playing it


Really cute and immersive game! It was a lot of fun.


this is awesome and you know it. Shared it with my friend who plants a lot and she loves it as well!


Thank you for the kind words and thank you for sharing it!


Man, this is really cool.

Great job!