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This game was super fun! Thank you for making it :)

Here's my playthrough!

Hold on... "tying people up down here againWHAT DO YOU MEAN AGAIN?!! PREQUEL!!!


I'm considering making a more fleshed out version of this game with elements of Speed Date Shuffle (another game I made) mixed in. Might contain the prequel scene, who knows! ;)

AWESOMMME!!! You really should do that. Also, I am thinking of recording games that you have made on YouTube, if you would allow me.

I am two years late on this reply. I'm so sorry!

Yes, recording my games is absolutely okay and encouraged!

I haven't been keeping up with for two years so late replies are fine 

I really liked it, the idea it's pretty interesting and the art style it's awesome! I enojyed it a lot.


Hey thanks! I'm so glad you liked it!

If you liked this I highly recommend you check out my new game, Speed Date Shuffle!

I have actually! After I played Turnip the Beet you grabbed my attention!

That was a pretty fun little game! I love the jazz. Sequel?

I really enjoyed this short little game! It's cute and well done.

I talk in more detail about it in my blog entry here: