This is the web version of the game since I couldn't export to Mac. If you are on Windows and Linux and prefer games you download onto your filesystem, check out the main submission here.

LDJAM37 93rd place!

Oh no! You've been falsely accused of stealing Fluffy Flufferton's super special (and very secret) stash bones! Worse yet, he knocked you out and trapped you in his basement. You'll have to use your better-than-human eyesight to find clues about who the real perpetrator in... PUPPERTRATOR.


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This game was super fun! Thank you for making it :)

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"were you trying to brute force the dialogue tree to find the answer?" no, I just wanted to see what you would say, it's because I appreciate the hard work that I'm giving that answer. fluffy really should be more careful with the accusations he so quickly throws around.

fun little game, I like it.

Here's my playthrough!

Hold on... "tying people up down here againWHAT DO YOU MEAN AGAIN?!! PREQUEL!!!


I'm considering making a more fleshed out version of this game with elements of Speed Date Shuffle (another game I made) mixed in. Might contain the prequel scene, who knows! ;)

AWESOMMME!!! You really should do that. Also, I am thinking of recording games that you have made on YouTube, if you would allow me.

I am two years late on this reply. I'm so sorry!

Yes, recording my games is absolutely okay and encouraged!

I haven't been keeping up with for two years so late replies are fine 

I really liked it, the idea it's pretty interesting and the art style it's awesome! I enojyed it a lot.


Hey thanks! I'm so glad you liked it!

If you liked this I highly recommend you check out my new game, Speed Date Shuffle!

I have actually! After I played Turnip the Beet you grabbed my attention!

That was a pretty fun little game! I love the jazz. Sequel?

I really enjoyed this short little game! It's cute and well done.

I talk in more detail about it in my blog entry here: