A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This was made for the meditations initiative and was assigned the date: March 3rd. Here is the original note that accompanied it:

I made a game in 20 minutes, on this day, 3 years ago.

It featured a square that orbited in a perfect circle around a figure. The player presses space to jump over the spinning object, giving them a point. If they get hit, it resets their score.

That game was made in Superpowers in about 70 lines of code. It took 60 minutes and many more lines of code to remake the prototype in LOVE2D. Which left me with 5 hours to refine, adjust, and polish.

I expected to make a highly polished copy of the original, instead I've created a much better game that happens to look like the original. Perhaps they're the same?

Regardless, I'm very happy with how this turned out, and I hope you like it!

You can play the original here: https://notexplosive.itch.io/finished-game


jump.zip 4 MB
jump.zip 6 MB
jump.love 395 kB


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I played this game via Meditations project. Cool and simple idea :)