A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Keyboard: Arrow Keys + Z

Controller: D-Pad + A

Programmed by NotExplosive

Designed by NotExplosive and Squires

Sound effects from Freesound.org by InspectorJ, ScramPunk and TheBoatMan

This game was made for Ludum Dare:


Install instructions


  • Download the zip, extract, and run


  • Install LOVE2D, the framework this game is built on: http://love2d.org
  • Download the `.love` file
  • You should be able to just double click it once LOVE is installed


in-the-rain-v2.zip 12 MB
in-the-rain-v2.love 9 MB


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I love this game. Here's my playthrough!

i like  rain sound!


Wonderful design in execution. I really liked the rain sound effects and how it seemed to interact with the ground circles like splashing a puddle.

Some mellow background music might have been nice, but I don't think it was necessary with the rain sounds.

Great work introducing new mechanics slowly after the player has fully learned what they can achieve with what they have.