A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Gale: Second Draft is the second version of a game jam game I made called Gale (now titled Gale: First Draft). 

In this game, you shoot arrows at targets. Sometimes the targets are hard to reach, so you control the wind to redirect your arrow.

Install instructions


Download the zip, extract and run


Download and install LOVE2D at http://love2d.org 

Download the .love file.

Should be able to just double click and run


gale2-v5.zip 9 MB
gale2-v5.love 5 MB


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I think it's really cool that you made a second one of this. Keep it up.


Very cool to see more work on this, it's such a nice mechanic and it's shaping up really well.

I recorded some footage for this game a while ago if it's of any interest!

This is awesome! Congrats on the release!