A downloadable tool for Windows

If you want to help us collect data, join the discord: https://discord.gg/bHbux4B

Here's how to get started:

- Download a petscop video off the internet (mp4 preferred but it doesn't really matter)

- Click and drag the video onto "frame-extractor.bat"

-Wait for that to finish, it should open the folder containing the frames when it's done.

- Open framescop.exe and you're good to go!

Arrows: Move along the timeline
Shift+Arrow: Jump ahead / jump back keyframe
P: Play in Realtime, will automatically pause when it runs out of frames and has to load again
Ctrl+S: Save track (saves to appdata\roaming\framescop or appdata\roaming\LOVE\framescop depending)
Ctrl + Arrow Key: Add a keyframe for given direction
Alt + Arrow Key: Add a keyframe for a given face button
Ctrl + Space: Add keyframe for Start
Alt + Space: Add a keyframe for Select
M: Toggle map

To load a file: CLICK AND DRAG a .tsv onto the window with a video opened. This will replace your current keyframe track with the one you dragged on. It will also change the name of future save to that filename

Published 25 days ago
AuthorPotatoes Are Not Explosive


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