A downloadable game for Windows

You win the game when you roll a 7, how hard could that be?

How to Play

Click on a Build Site and then select a die to build. Once you've constructed a die, you can install upgrades on it the same way.

Hover a die to roll it (no clicking required!)

All of the build commands are bound to the keyboard, left to right: Q, W, E, R, T, and so on. This will feel very natural on American Qwerty keyboards... but probably no one else. Sorry.

As you progress the camera will zoom out and reveal more build sites for you to construct dice on. Don't forget to sell your lesser dice and replace them with better dice. I hear the rare Cosmic Die can send you into another universe... it can also roll a 7.


Windows 53 MB
Version 7 Jul 17, 2022

Install instructions

Extract the zip

Find the one .exe in the sea of .dll's (it'll be the one with the orange icon)

Run it

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