Three in a Rogue "2" Announcement

Introducing... Three in a Rogue "2"

We're making a sequel to Three in a Rogue,  it will be titled (somewhat confusingly) Three in a Rogue. The current version of the game on my website today will be going forward called Three in a Rogue: Classic. The new game will build off of the design of the original but take the opportunity to refine on the original gameplay loop. It will also feature more depth to the roguelike portion of the game with shops, items, and more interesting enemy types.

We'll also be renovating all the art assets, for now we've only upgrade the Match-3 half of the screen but the intention is to upgrade everything.

Steam page coming soon! For now if you're interested in the new Three in a Rogue, follow me on

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Looks good.

I remember playing the game jam version a while back; it's improved a lot. More movement tiles, more options in being able to store move as well as further polish with the GUI and animations.