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The game was good, as I'm an AZERTY keyboard user, I couldnt enjoy the typing part all that much, but I still liked the experience and this way of telling a story is really clever. Now, about the story (I encrypted the end of my comment with Cesar 3 to not spoil anyone) vr, iurp zkdw L xqghuvwdqg, Gdulr nloohg "Vrphrqh" dqg Pdvrq, wklv vrphrqh lv wdnlqj frqwuro ri wkh nhberdug dqg lv hasodlqlqj wkdw ghvslwh ehlqj lqqrfhqwhg lq wkh wuldo, Gdulr lv jrlqj wr jhw zkdw kh ghvhuyhv ? Vr, lv wkh pdunhw zkhuh "vrphrqh" grhvqw kdyh d idfh olnh d sodfh lq wkh diwhuolih ru vrphwklqj ?

This game is excellent. I enjoyed it a lot.


Glad you liked it!

It crashes after hopefully my voice is clear enough :(

Hi! When it crashes does it show a callstack? If so can you post it here? Also are you on a Mac or PC?


Here's the callstack :


nx/game/actor.lua:76: setPos was given no arguments


[C]: in function 'assert'
nx/game/actor.lua:76: in function 'setPos'
trijam/char-columns.lua:46: in function 'update'
nx/game/actor.lua:233: in function 'update'
nx/game/scene.lua:369: in function 'update'
main.lua:16: in function 'update'
[C]: in function 'xpcall'


Thanks, that helps a lot. I'll try to get a fix asap.

OK, so the good news is that you should no longer hit that assert. The bad news is... I have no idea why that assert would fire. I've had other people run the windows version on their machines and they didn't run into this crash so I'm not totally sure what's going on here.

Should work now, i hope i hope i hope!